When failure become achievement of Yogi Adityanath, 6 month performance

In 5 states assembly election, BJP scraped 3 Chief Minister seats of 5 states One of prominent and crucial elections was in UP state where BJP government had a big win with highest seats scrapped was 312 out of 403. As usual BJP brings a face of its candidate into light at last moment. now, it was Yogi Adityanath, hardcore hindutv ideology Mhant (priest).

Within 5 days of swearing by Yogi Adityanath, a new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the way his government working seemed this government would change the structure of UP as many schemes launched by him. CM worked for 16 hours in a day. Government offices, schools, hospitals, tighten security for women safety, waive loan of farmers, were being examined by his leaders in a very dynamic way. The schemes were like Romeo Squad that harassed couple or even brother sister and did not arrest even the single culprit or even women harassment case increased, second was closed all the unauthorized butcher shops that affected many people of muslim community, many families came on street. Loan waived of farmers was the worth of 0.68, mocked the farmers. Communal attacks or hindutv ideology increased 70 new born child died within 5 days due to negligence of doctors, improper facility, stolen oxygen cylinder by doctors for their private hospital in one and only famous BRD gaovernment medical college of yogi constituency, Gorakhpur despite examined by CM yogi two days before the mishap. Yogi government achieved the most confidence of people when asked by survey department of being in power for 6 months. It would rather be better for people if yogi government would have fulfilled any policy instead of confidence. One thing, i must say as belong to Uttar Pradesh is, the most worried problem of Uttar Pradesh, i have been facing since childhood is lack of electricity and now which has improved since this government came to power. So for this, i appreciated this government


My worst days were very best days

Why should you read this?

It depicts the moment which everyone passes through. It helps you to understand your value.

Int, after completing my internship in media for 2 months and i being home for whole day for almost 1 month. Those days were worst as well as learning days for me. I had an experience which was first time in my life. All things went opposite of my thinking, my perception. In those days, lot of things changed not mentally but physical. Those crucial moments haunted and are nostalgia now. And i still scare to think about those emotions, feelings which i had.

I called them worst because i was alone at home, no one was there to help me even my parents who stayed away from me and my brother who used to live with me and in night we met and however did not talk too much because after studying in library he used to talk with his friends and refused to talk with me whatever the talks we did at the time of fighting. And my blood also got boiled seeing my brother refusing to have time with me, for the whole day i waited for him and i did not talked with anyone and used to live in closed room. That time, i used to find the ways to divert my mind to make me cheerful from stressed moments. As for some time, i succeeded in it as finding a new app, used to talk with strangers and share my feelings with them. Hopefully unknown friends tried to make me understood and used to tell me the ways but after sometime, i got bored from it and happiness i got from them was temporarily. For the whole days, it was hard to study. The sad moments i did not share with my parents, scaring whether he would ask me to come back home town as i was in other state for higer education. So i talked with them nicely. The closed friends, i believed, were also busy in their life and might not understand me as having problems. Eventually i hurt too much, was not able to weep and smile freely and was at loss. Now the reason

why i call those days are learning or important days was because later 1 month i got an intership. Then little bit i was happy as would not be busy anymore and would learn about my field. After getting job , many things changed as first the persons whom i used to wait or call them good friends, i stoped doing this and started working only on my skills. Now, all i want is to spend time only on myself and no one else. Those moments corrected my mind and showed me my value and the meaning of life. Share if you have story like that me or anything you love to share you can. Also welcome your feedback


The rise of goons and hidden face of culprits

Pehlu khan, 55 year old from a small village of Haryana, one of the states of India along with his two sons were brutally attacked by cow vigilantism when they were carrying calfs and cow in their truck for milk dairy in Rajasthan, one of states of India. In this attack, father of the two muslim sons succumbed to injuries later. People, self- claimed cow protector or vigilantism, stopped thier truck and assulted them with sticks on road despite showing valid documents of borrowing cow from valid market.

Of the whole mishap, a video went viral on social media rocked people following campaign called NOT IN MY NAME. The video emerged from this incident clearly showed the faces of 6 culprits, out of 13 convicted, who were acquitted by police. The son of victim, phelu khan, blamed police and said in press conference, organised by one of the senior ministers of the congress after two days found them innocent, without asking me to recognising them, police gave them clean chit. If they had not done this then who did this? In press conference, he would go to supreme court and bow for justice and wanted to transfer this case out of Rajasthan.

My friends, So many people who are like pehlu khan, become victim and their family members are left like alive corpse whose loud voice are mute by goons by pressuring on and threating them. Goons are damn sure of escaping from the law or punishment as on them , the hands of politicians parties and self-claimed religion organisation which directly or indirectly praise goons in the honour of killing people and saving scared cow from slaughtering. Vigilantism are taking law in their hand and decide to teach them a lesson who, according to them, find guilty. It does not matter whether it is based on rumours or false information that lead them to kill or mob lyching. Mob lynching refers an insecurity, failure of law and order and the hidden face of politicians. I also oppose anyone killing sacred animal but people or cow vigilantism are killing even innocent who mostly are muslim. And they themselves decide to teach lesson which is wrong and breach of law.

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The way of manipulating people by Indian government

On 16 july, a scheme launched by BJP, was the price of petrol or diesel would be changed on the daily bases, would not be burden on people if sudden change in International market price so in market of India would not changed promptly as thought or told to people by BJP petroleum minister Dhamander Pradhan. whatever promises were made are totally opposite. From the scheme launching till now, the price of petrol has been hiked by 7 rupees despite rate cuted in International market on crude oil by 55 percent.

Pradhan, Petroleum Minister, refused to change this scheme when asked by repoter on this inflation. This is the same government that had opposed at the time of opposition party(congress) in power that had launched a scheme was the fixed rate of petrol for 3 years, called congress an anti- economy that time by the BJP.

Union Minister Alpons kanunthanam on 16 September, said that the reason behind taking the higher tax is to take tax who can afford so that the poor’s life would be dignified. According to him he says only the person who have car or bike will purchase and they are not starving for this. And the collected tax will be spent on poor welfare.

The most hilarious is Sri Lanka that purchases petrol from India, sales petrol 53 and India sales it 83 rupees.

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96% attack on Muslim in the name of Cow Protection

125 injuried in attack minorities by Cow vigilantism in India since 2010, in which out of them 52% based on rumours , Supreme Court, headed by Chief justice of India, Dipak Mishra, has directed states government to appoint nodal officers to curb mob lynching, prevent vigilantism to take law into their hand.

Since Modi government came to power, 96% attacks on muslim, which was 86% since 2010. 2 years competing in Mohammed Akhlak, killed by vigilantism in the allegation of beef store or eating in Dadri, UP, in September 2015, fifth accused was also acquitted by Court.

From Jammu Kashmir to Maharastra, Rajasthan to Assam, Vigilantism were embolden by politicians who, somewhere in their speech, mentioned to support them.

Pehlu khan along with his 2 sons, carrying cows, purchased from valid cattle market for milk dairy, in truck, was stopped and attacked by mob. The mob vandalized his truck and beat him up brutally even producing valid documents.

On roads, day and night in many states of India, Cow vigilantism deploy and check every truck and if any found guilty then attack by mob .

Similarly, many cases came to light including women and minor who was strangled in train two days before of Eid by people who were arrested later.

Despite fast run apex court proceedings in Mohammed Akhlak case, fifth accused was acquitted. Now, Supreme court move to appoint nodal officers who will only focus in mob lynching and prevent cow vigilantism, will do some better? Fair judgement.
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Voice of lots of people buried, freedom of expression strangled, climate of intolerance, democracy at danger

A rationalist, decency and outspoken veteran journalist, Guri Lankesh, was shot dead infront of her house coming back from office at 8 pm by two unidentified men in Bengaluru. Last month, two unidentified men shoot dead MM Kalburi, a 77 year old journalist and Sahitya Akademic Award winner, at his doorstep in Karnataka, Bengaluru. Both lankesh and Kalburi were straight forward, activist and communist and printed critical articles against present government, BJP. In 2016, 6 Journalists’ voice were buried.

Lankesh Patrika, her weekely newspaper, had been very critical in asking failure of Center Government, BJP. Her relatives and friends told that she had faced lot of threats and from her house, things were stolen in past. She used to work late as being journalist. Lot of critical articles against ruling center government like demonetisation, Mishap of Roohingya, government fascism etc were 24 hour back from mishap posts shared at facebook and twitter wall.

Two unidentified men knocked Kalburu’s door and shooted 2 bullets into his chest by using 7.65 mm country made pistol. The same pistol was used to kill Maharastra Journalist Dabholkar in Pune on august 20, 2013.

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Her fight not just against corruption but also bigotry and the purveyors of communal hatred, should be not futile and be continued. Her voice might be voice less but her thoughts should lead the onus ahead.


The second massacre of new born babies

Barely a month after 60 new born child died at sate run BaBa Raghav Das Medical College and hospital in Gorukhpur due to lack of oxygen, Ram Manohar Lohia in Farrukhbad, 49 new born bady died due to the same reason, was revealed when City Magistrate wrote to police for an inquiry.

Probe unveiled the negligence of staffs and confirmed death due to lack of oxygen, revealed that hospital has only one doctor and his staffs.

In the inquiry, when staff members were asked of only one doctor, said that, when needed doctors from other near by hospital were called up and otherwise only one doctor had to manage 24×7 in such a state-run government hospital. Authority arrested the doctor and suspended other staff members.

Parents also confirmed that the reason of death is because of lack of oxygen 20 days before, death of 60 new born child shattered the nation within 5 days due to the shortage of oxygen. After an inquiry, it came to light that doctor who undertook the responsibility of oxygen supply, delivered by private company, stole the oxygen cylinder and used in his own private clinics. He was later arrested. He gave wrong information to the CM who came to examine hospital two days before the death.

Probe revealed that around 60 lakh depth of oxygen supplier that warned many time of dues in money, told in an inquiry by police.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath from Gorukhpur Constituency, 4 times Member of Parliament, has been raising the issue of encephalitis decease that emerges where there is less sanitation, for 2 decades. But any concrete step has yet to be taken. The reason behind deaths was this fatal desease, claimed by him, but report declared it wrong and proved the death due to lack of oxygen and neglience of staffs member.

No proper beds, lights and needed equipments. On a bed, 4-5 babies were laying, parents claimed.

Uneducated and poor people of Gorakhpur don’t have other options then Baba Raghav Das Medical College and Hospital that is one of famous and only one in Gorakhpur. They said when asked about media person, fan and pumping hand oxygen were handed over to them in hospital and parents kept pumping for 3-4 hours in critical condition when informed about lack of oxygen.4 days new born baby died even his parents was informed for many hours.

It is not enough, this tragedy came to light after 2 or 3 decades. People should not be shocked from the death. Every year thousands of newborn baby die and even this year, the figures are less as compared to previous years. No need to be shocked, doctor said when asked by repoter. The data of tragedy came to light of two only hospitals and if examine what would be figure in lakh of government hospital where this situation has been made for many years.

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