The importance of condom ads

In India, Information and broadcasting (I&B) asked TV channels not to air condom ads between 6 am to 10 pm citing, it is indecent to children’s.

– The decision was taken in the second position of country in population where sex education is very important as lots of sexual harassment or rape cases against minor.

-Instead of preventing children from easily accessible porn or vulgar videos on Internet, condom ads was stopped.

Between parents or teachers and children, condom reduces a gap of conversation between them and makes an easy to start with.

1.6 crore abortion cases every year in India and it is going to increase with population and crime .

India with 35 percent uncivilised people needs sex education to have safe sex.

However, many people are in favour of this move of government and some are an a infavour.

I&B could prevent the man and women intimate position photos instead of curbing ads of condoms.
This decision needs reconsideration.

Share your view point on it, always welcome your suggestions


Simplicity living- high thinking

The rays of love, attraction and greatness of a man following a philosophy ‘Simplicity living- high thinking are immortal. Such type of people are always alive in people’s mind and heart.

The common things among prominent men are their worshiping of humanity but not individual religion or human. Their wish to learn is never ending. They have patience , a vision to do constructive ahead in life. They never get baffled despite not having a solution of a problem. They believe in introspective thinking.
The former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam, known as ‘The missile man’, is very compassionate towards children.
Mahatama Gandhi, the father of nation, learned to defeat enemy by non- violence.

Even in Upanishads or Vedas, an ancient way of giving knowledge by Guru or teacher to his/her disciple, all about learning in these is how to build up hight thinking by doing meditation that talks about meeting of soul and mind and that helps to listen inner voice, build up strength.
Although, The power of hight thinking is beyond greediness and hate. And simple-living is sign of sincerity or respect to sanskriti or culture.


Improvement commences from you

An ‘incident’ happened with me that mortified me besides being left at loss.
Through metro, I was coming back to home from office.

On the 5th day of my Job, i was brutally became weary by physically as well as mentally. I decided to sit on the floor seeing people sitting on it. Usually, people not finding seat, decide to sit at the edge of metro, Same I did.

But, on that day, a man, around 35, approached us saying “you people should not sit on floor as its violence of rule”. In my mind, i was thinking, i am a journalist and violating the rule, however turned to deaf ear and kept sitting on floor and other 2 people followed me.

Again, he said with modesty and twinkle, “you are young at heart, mature and i perceive, if not sitting on floor will be tolerated by you and will not be laborious”. While replying, I asked him, “why are proper facilities not available in metro if metro can hike fare 2 times in 2 months” ?. Then, he turned his face towards me with curiosity of giving an answer, ohhh! Hhahaha ! now,” you question on the system, that’s the problem everyone points out”, he said.

In front of me, the man sitting on floor, put earphone into his ears and and the other one, sitting beside me, put his face on his palm while sitting cris- crox on the floor.

All the people around us had focus on his saying. A girl sitting on seat of my left hand, looked interestingly in the matter. Others were laughing at his foolishness and efforts.

After 10 second, again he said, ‘please stand up’ and then i said, i would stand up when my stop would come and although 2 stations were left and I became stubborn. So far, he was alone. And then, a voice came from my right hand, we all turned our face and saw an old man saying, “that man (who wanted us to stand up) is saying right”. I stood up as soon as my station came.

Since that day, when i enter in metro, i remember that moment. Nostalgia moment !

It surprises me as that man had courage to correct us. Improvement commences from you

Feel free to comment anything
Your suggestions is worth..!


The BJP face you may know

BJP government performance Honorable Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi, the leader of Bhrtiya Janta Party(BJP), is one of the most persuasive, prominent, top dog, mover and shaker politicians of India. Being 3 years in centre, the BJP government is in 17 states out of 29 states. The next general election is in 2019. Still, there is a wave of chanting ‘Modi’ on people’s lips even after the failure of many policies, initiated by Modi government, are like: demonetisation, GST, job creation, farmers loan, poverty, corruption, good days (ache din) etc. This government, more shouting than doing, more words-less work, more promises than reality, is trying to people see the dreams to be completed in 2022, instead of 2019 which were shown in 2014 earlier, in the wake of election 2019. And the condition of economy is worst than before. According to the reports, India has become at the top in corruption. Since, this government came to power, more fascism, casteism and more security to cow than human. BRD hospital in Gorakhpur, BJP government state, after 60 new born babies had died due to lack of oxygen cylinder in August, 40 new born babies died again within 48 hours for the same reason. BJP government has not money to pay a 60 lakh dept on hospitals but has money to change the color of Uttar Pradesh into Bhagwa color, for advertisement and rallies. Lakh of rupees were spent celebrating diwali, which for this government is more prominent. CBI, ED and IT department’s move against corruption is always appreciated but raids are being done against the congress only. BJP president Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah only got benefited in the heat of demonetisation at the time when all manufacturing and trading throughout the nation got stuck and cabinet ministers forgetting their incumbents for a few time and coming out to defend Shah’s son because they must know all can commit crime but not the BJP as they are reverence. In last 3 years, atrocities and communal violence against Muslim and dalits increased. Despite having the valid documents of purchasing cow, in Rajasthan, Pehlu khan was brutally attacked in the name of cow protection by cow vigilantism. All accused whose face showing in video, were acquitted and job was offered by BJP leader who said they were bothered without any reason. In 3 years, Bhagva color has been strong, no doubt about this. But the other reason of being Modi government stronger is the congress has been weaker or not effective. Now, i believe, to maintain the NDA government on track, a strong face is needed to work done effective by present government. The suggestion given is because, in past few days, the congress being dominant on BJP through social media forced Modi government to cut the tax rates in many products. On the other hand, a great move commenced by BJP government is Swatch ‘Bharat Abhiyan’ and ‘Open defecation’. 60% India consists of youngster, among them, i see the curiosity to clean up India, a new India. The ‘bullet train project’, given to Japan, will cover the distance around 500km between Ahmedabad to Mumbai. Instead of spending the huge amount Rs. 110000 lakh crore in the bullet train project, the same figure of amount would require to repair the whole country train tracks, could save so many life in the wake of many derailments in a day. ‘The Vernacular press act’ was imposed on media by the British government. According to this act, Media needed permission before publishing specially against the British government. That time, the act was learned as curtail the freedom of India press; the father of journalism Raja Ram Mohan Roy, protested the move by British government. Later, this press act was rejected or rejected. Now, today is more concerned and anxiety for the democratic country is because ‘The Vernacular press’ act is being practicing without being imposed. And, people do not know about this; they are being manipulated. Last but not least, in the democratic country, a leader is unanimously decided by the people of nation. He is the person who listens, understands and delivers what nation wants. Let it be that type of quality that every leader is required.


Their suffering is because they are poor?

It throbs when in one house, there is ‘light’ that is squandered or is more than need but in another, a ‘candle’ lights in the house. Still, It is ‘torment’ when one who puts his sweat and blood to produce food for others, gets his eyes down when his children wanders for food, wear torn clothes and are thrown away to be considered poor and uncevialised. It is not only forlorn to the farmers or poor family whose voice is muffled for their right but also us who keep our eyes and mouth shut. Even, in today’s time, Their wrangled voice filed with anguish, pain, miserable and anxiety, when rise, are not even listened. The next they follow is ‘suicide or ‘take extreme step’ to get them listened. For example, few days before, at Jantr Mantar, a place where people demand for their rights, the farmers from Tamil Nadu held a protest to get funds for their lost produces due to rain or ruined their harvesting by other reasons. From the far place (Tamil Nadu) when their voices could not reach to government’s ears they started taking horrific action: drink their pee, eat their shit, rolling on the road without clothes at the time when temperature was 35 degree celsius, kept dead mouse in their mouth, wore garland made of dead farmers skull and bones.

It is not the condition of one state farmers but all states farmers have same condition. They are beaten up for the rights that constitution grants. And this irony happens with poor, not with rich and politicians.

Their suffering is because they are poor?Comment what you feel and know more about it.



In Vishakhapatnam , a girl was raped by a 28 year old man on the road in daylight. A video showing passerby turned to blind by seeing the man raping her. he who was drunken, was not stopped. The woman, economically backward class, continously shouting for help was not rescued. But if a man being suspicious of slaughtering the cow, would be lynched by cow Vigilantism but not in the case of women is irony.